Eccentric chef to sell steak covered in 24-carat gold and it’ll cost diners £700

A chef who became an internet sensation after his unique style of preparing meat caught the public eye is set to bring his £700 gold plated steak to the UK.

Salt Bae, also known as Nusret Gökçe, owns luxury steakhouse chain Nusr-Et but is better known for starring in an image that shows him sprinkling salt on meat with oh-so-much finesse.

The image was so popular that it became a meme, reproduced and shared countless times, and even appeared on the back of a road gritter in Munich, Germany.

And now, as My London reports, the eccentric chef is set to bring his £700 gold coated steak to his new fancy London restaurant, at the Park Tower Knightsbridge Hotel.

Salt Bae owns a chain of swanky restaurants all over the world, from Abu Dhabi to Greece, and he’s cooked for the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio and David Beckham.

And his latest addition will be Salt Bae’s first UK restaurant when it opens on May 17 – the same day diners are allowed to eat inside restaurants again.

When it opens, Salt Bae will be bringing his £700 24-carat gold steak to the capitol, so start re-mortgaging your homes now if you want to make repeat visits.

According to one site, Salt Bae is worth an impressive $50 million, which is equivalent to around £35 million.

Rumours of Salt Bae’s West London branch have been circulating since 2017, but now the restaurant is finally ready to open once lockdown restrictions ease.

News of the opening has sent Twitter into a frenzy, with people declaring they cannot wait to visit.

One user said: “Soon as Salt Bae’s restaurant touches London, see me there.”

Another tweeted: “Salt Bae’s restaurant opening in London is the cherry on top we need for this summer.”

Salt Bae’s infamous way of preparing and cooking steak was inspired by his time working in Argentine and American restaurants for free, where he learnt how to master the art.

He is also known to occasionally hand feed people steak, making his dining experience a rather unique and very personal one indeed.