Wife appalled after spotting how husband washes hands after going to the loo

A wife was shocked to learn that her husband doesn’t wash his hands properly after using the toilet, and has turned to the internet for advice after he said it’s pointless.

The unnamed woman said she noticed her husband, 31, hadn’t washed his hands after visiting the bathroom, and confronted him about it.

He said there was no point as he was about to walk the dog and his hands would get dirty anyway so didn’t see the point in washing them twice.

But the woman then insisted he washed his hands, which he did but then later accused his wife of being rude – implying she had overreacted.

Taking to Reddit, the woman wrote: “This morning, my husband pooped, as we all do.

“He came out of the bathroom after just rinsing his hands with water for about two seconds. I asked him if he’d used soap, he said no.

“I told him that was gross and he needed to go wash his hands with soap. He said, in an irritated voice, he was about to take our dog on a walk and have to pick up poop anyway, so it didn’t matter.

“I asked if he usually used soap, and he got aggravated and said yes …which I’m not sure I believe at this point, frankly.”

The woman said she then watched her husband around the house and noticed him touching things with his dirty hands, so insisted that he washed them.

She continued: “Then he was walking around the house, touching doorknobs, so I asked him again, more firmly, to go and wash his hands before he got poop everywhere. He ignored me.

“I asked again a third time and said, ‘I’m serious, you need to go wash your hands before you touch everything in the house. I don’t want to get norovirus’.

“He finally did, very frustrated about it, acting like I was being silly for asking. I confronted him about that and he said I was being very rude.

“I told him it was rude for him to put my health at risk like that. He’s a doctor, and he said, ‘I am in no way putting your health at risk’.

“I asked him if he could hear himself right now, and he said ‘I don’t think you hear yourself right now’. We agreed to put a pin in it and discuss again later.”