Confused man finds hidden dishwasher in home he’s been living in for last two years

It’s fair to assume that you know your own home pretty well. With everything that has happened during the pandemic, the chances are it’s where you’ve spent most of the last year.

But, every now and then someone makes a discovery about their own home, which leaves you questioning how on Earth they didn’t even know.

The latter is exactly what happened to one man, who only discovered he had a ‘secret’ dishwasher hiding away in his kitchen after two whole years of living in his home. Imagine two years of unnecessarily slaving over a sink full of pots and pans? Absolute devastation.

Tom Hale took to Twitter to share his discovery, explaining that the entire time he had believed it was a ‘fake cupboard,’ which just goes to show his level of curiosity.

“I am in shock. Lived in this flat for two years and only just discovered TODAY it has a dishwasher,” he wrote on Twitter. “I thought it was a fake cupboard. I’ve wasted days of my life washing up.”

For those of us fortunate enough to have integrated dishwashers, we know that you have to give it a pretty good yank to open it, but come on, Tom.

Unsurprisingly, he was quickly inundated with responses from people who were equally baffled he could have been so oblivious to what is arguably the best kitchen appliance.

“The fact that at no point did you give it a quick yank speaks volumes about your levels of curiosity,” comedian James Felton replied. “That closed cupboard is none of my business, I’ll stick to the open ones thank you very much.”

Meanwhile, others shared their own experiences with hidden little features they didn’t know about their own homes, and it turns out a lot of people just aren’t that curious.

“I only recently found out about crumb trays on toasters. Years of turning them upside down,” one Twitter user replied, while another shared a photo of a hidden herb cupboard they had mistaken for a filler panel.

“There might be some rooms you haven’t found yet. Try pulling at the big wooden things in the walls,” another user joked.

Put the marigolds away, Tom. You’ll never need to wash dishes again!